The most of the time

The most of the time since July has been driving around with friends and weddings.
During these trips I have trouble with the fuel.
When investigating that I found out that the gas tank was much dirt in most rust I thought.
I empty the tank and dismounted, cleaned with heat water and high pressure after that I
Poured in acid and washed with water. After drying it was time to pour in a can of Hirsch Tank Sealer
A couple of times and let that dry for three days. Mounting it all in place with a small filter in the bottom also. I have also welded a bottom screw for empty the tank in the future.
Then I tried to start I was forced to pump the gas pump by hand when mounting it all in place again I succeed to crack one ear that holds the pump. After some days I managed to by a NOS part.
I also switch the cork in the glass bowl after that I discovered that was also leaking air.
Now is the car running again? When driving around it I got a scrambling which disappeared when depressing the clutch. I dismounted the gearbox and the clutch and discovered that the nuts had loosen it was only to draw them tight again and mount all back in place.
The good news is that Ray Pfiorini sold two of his hubcaps for Willys8 to me .Thank You Ray.
The other big news is that I have sold my Whippet 1928.




Frame ready

The most of the frame is ready with mounting the fuel line from the gas tank which also is mounted. The body is ready from the paint shop. The mounting of the front window with the rubber around .The tube for the ignition cables was made and mounted. The many small items that has been to the chrome shop has arrived.
I have worked both day and evening trying to get ready to 8th August to register and get number plates for my older sons wedding the 27 August!!!!!
The last days I have mounted the most of the wiring and connected it all according to the electrical scheme. The radiator and the shell is also mounted in place
I have also got the inner roof done .Mounted the dashboard and some of the instruments. The engine has been running for total about 30 minutes and so it happens -the rear frost plug went out and all the water went out!!!! Much work!!!







Engine work

The engine work is proceeding with mounting the muffler and the exhaust pipe with the stay that holds it in place. The distributor, condenser, cables, lock, breakers all adjusted and ready. The carburetor and the fuel pump is also in place and also the starter and generator. The small front rubber is cleaned and new rubber made. In all means READY to start for the first time.
It all went great some adjustments is to be taken care of for the carburetor and the starting motor. The battery seemed to small even that I used an 6V 84 Ah
The propeller shaft was a new made and it has been adjusted and welded in a shop.
The fenders is painted and ready to be mounted so is also the side plates between the body and the step plate.
The body has been delivered to the paint shop!!
The rear and front bumper is delivered to the chrome shop where I also collected the radiator shell and some others parts.
The fuel tank is mounted.



Instrument panel

Just now there is much of the work that has been done, started and finishing at the same time!!!
That is the hole instrument panel was delivered to me from WOKR member Sven Olof Johansson in Sweden .He called me on the phone and said that he had one panel with bezel and the temperature instrument with amp and oil with parts to the fuel. I had to make some parts to the fuel gauge and repair the copper line. The panel with the figures is a new scale being made. The gauges for speed and temperature are handed over to a shop that makes a new speed cable and sensor to the temp gauge ..
The panel and the inside window panels is delivered to the paint shop. The wood graining will start direct after that he had laid a layer of base paint. The pieces that going to be painted black is delivered to the paint shop.
The cylinder head was soldered with high temperature metal powder that melts in the crack. The head is then straightened and painted.
The brake cables is being done and new cables is made from an SAAB handbrake with little modifications. It means making rivets, cutting cable and making new ends.
When measuring the foot step rubber I got an idea of making a pattern from the wheel hub and make a bigger pattern in the rubber mat.



Many different jobs

This month I have not worked so much because I have got the flu. Nothing was done for 14 days.
At the right front fender rear end I discovered a buckle which I was forced to drill and weld to be correct.
The carburetor was sent to the shop that would help me to clean and adjust it with the service kit I had bought.
The clutch was sent to a shop and arrived a week later in shape as new. I also made the anti rattle springs for the clutch release levers after the drawing from Greg and WOKR.
The cylinder head in the shop got a visit from me to se if he have made any progress but he should do it in this week …..
I turned and drilled the holes for the thick washer to the exhaust pipe that fits on the exhaust manifold.
The aluminum trimmings has been adjusted and mounted on the foot step to see how would look like.
The water pump is next to be mounted.
I hope to deliver some parts to be painted in the next month, perhaps………







Handels and cylinder head

The most of the time this last month I sanded and polishing the indoor handles, riser handles and park light .In the riser handles I drilled a hole so they will fit inside the door .
The old door knobs where reconstructed with new pins and the end there where tapped to fit in the handle for a screw.
I have made new escutcheon for the outside handles.
The cylinder head is moved to a shop that could repair the small crack .He would fill the crack with powder and heat it up and let it cool slowly before he straighten it up in the mill.
The shock absorber that was so bad has got new pistons, springs, washers ,new lock bolt , new tapped filling hole with a bolt and a new big plug washer. The three others was only to refill with oil.
I whish all of you who is follow my job a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.







Engine work

The work from February is proceeding with mounting the oil pan which had become a layer of black enamelbefore mounting with new made gaskets. The floating oil intake was mounted. When mounted all that I turned the engine and made a bed of wood so that would be easier to mount the rest in upright position. I has also adjusted the valves to 0.010 ” clearance. The new timing chain as mounted and a new ignition mark was stamped on the flywheel. I made new washers for the freeze holes.
I have mounted and fitted the clutch assembly was forced to change the bolts into new with insex heads because the where made in the highest quality. The clutch plate should I send to someone can make new discs.
The man that is helping me with painting the car has inspected the work that has been done by me. He took a careful examination. He said it would be nice to paint it. I could dismount the fenders and the other plates.
Now it is only for me to choice colour !!!!!
The radiator shell ,headlamps and the front bumper is proceeding some what .The shell is dichromate and ready for repairing Which I should do later. The head lamps was undertaken a cleaning with some light acid .The results was astonishing .OR! The bumper is going to be sanded by me later.
The front axel is ready to be painted and mount the bearings after new bushings and king pins.






Mounting the engine

The most of the work the last month has been regarding to the engine. The first item that I mounted was; the crankshaft and mounted the main bearings. It felt ok when I draw the crankshaft around a couple of times. At the 0,030 oversize pistons Imounted the piston rings . There where 2 of the oil rings. The lower one I was forced to file to make the right end play which I choose to 0,40mm .Which ended up with that I filed and fitted each piston in each cylinder. When measuring the fittings of the piston pins I also grinded the holes to correct alignment. Even the connecting rod bushings was some needed to be refitted. The piston and main bearings mounting ended with securing it withcotter pins and wire . The distributor was undertaken a complete dismantling and cleaning all parts.Painting anddistributorremounting the most of the parts left to be done is mount it on the engine the adjust and synchronize the breakers.
Flywheel and the clutch faces where machined.
The fan drive pulley was machined ,cleaned and ready to be installed on the engine.
I had a talk to the shop that is doing the chroming to the lamps, bumper and the radiator shell. He had not been doing any work -yet.







Engine home

The year 2004 began with plastic filling the surface at rear doors. Then proceed with an layer of primer. The next step was too go further and do the same work at the rear fenders and the left front fender. That work was finished with a layer of primer.
The most exiting moment this month was when I went to the shop to collect the engine. The work that had been done is drilling the cylinders to 0.030 oversize pistons, new wrist pin bushings in the connecting rods, new valve guides for the valves that has been machined, new seats is machined to all valves both out and intake, one new cylinder sleeve to number seven cylinder and at last the hole block was machined to level . When examine the top I found out that the was an crack by the thermostat house and it was sent away to a shop to be welded and level it all to fit the engine.
After the engine come into the garage I cleaned all the threads. When that was finished I cleaned the hole engine and laid oil to all surfaces to protect it .All small items is cleaned and put in a pot of diesel
I has also began to measurer to the instrument panel and found out that was a possibility to use new instruments that would rebuild to fit in proper. BUT it would be nicer to have similar to the original.






The work

The work for this month has been somewhat plottery.
The parts that I had become help with was not ready and I was spent much time to talk and ask for them to make some progress but……The parts is the head leaf to the rear springs I was getting help to make the eyes for the spring bolts but they was somewhat busy just now…The bearings was one week only a day or two away but I have not seen them yet!
The engine has been milled I he said that it was time for me to come and see if the eight cylinder is being to rusty or he was thinking of to make a new cylinder.
The radiator shell is till missing-someone that have one left? I had to think if I shall make a new one .I have being thinking and trying with paper and see if it is possible for me to make one.
But some real work has been done .The footsteps are made in 2mm steel and fitted in place. That took much time to fit the footstep to the front fender and the side plates. I had to remake the rear of the front fender so that would fit to the footstep. After that I was eager to see how the rear fender would fit to it but… I saw had to be a great deal of welding and fit some new plates in to the fender so that it shall fit proper. I began to take away the sill plate in the rear door and remake and fit the plate below the rear door.
The job with the front fender, the wheel trunk , the iron that holds the spare wheel ,side plate and the footstep was finished by painting with rust primer

This month I have cut

This month I have cut the the leafs to the rear springs. The leaf package I left to a person that can help me to get the right curve and the eyes for the spring bolts on the main leaf.
The front fenders mountings in the spare wheels trunk where new plates made and even machined the rivets.
I have a helping hand to make a new gasoline tank.
A visit to Värnamo by Mats was ending with that I got the headlight bar with some rusty headlight and a couple of restorable rear fenders.
The rear axel is in progress. The pinion and Crown wheel was getting ahead by Greg at WOKR. He sent me some drawings for that purpose. John Stokes wrote from New Zeeland an e-mail. He wrote that International Trucks from 1936-41 has the same or interchangeable parts for the Willys8. Even the Borg-Wagner with no. WX2068-2069 was also a possibility.
The radiator shell was also taking a step forwards by some drawings and an ads in WOKR Newsletter .Which I am hopeful looking forward to get some answers from members.
The Engine restoration was in some progress also .I made new nuts in right size and hardened them also. All together 29 pieces I made two more then required

I have mounted the roof

I have mounted, screwed and glued the roof ribs in place.
The side rib that is fitted along the body over the doors I have reparied and make new 50 cm long end on the left side.
Just now is tha car like thisSee picture.
The front window is taken a part and ready for sandblasting. I need to make or find a new handle that fits to the window also!
New wood from ash is byed and just now it is in a warm place to dry well a couple of weeks. Then I would make seats and backs for the cushions and some of it would also be floor in the rear. The wood piece is 65 cm width.
I have made a tool to make a wheel trunk in the right front fender. The right fender is welded,repaired and the left side is not all rust holes reparied.See picture.
The fotstep pins is reparied and welded on the right side. The left side I had to remake one from a wrong one that has been there before.See picture.
Greg in WOKR has done lots of work with helping me to get the right measurs on almost everything that can be measured, thank you Greg.
The engine project is in progress also. New main bearings, connecting rod bearings are made and the crankshaft is machined. The hole engine is now mowed 300 km nearer me and a guy should help be to bore the engine for oversize pistons and fit the valves.
Here can You see how I do to get an Willys 8(engine) in the rear of my Volvo 850.See picture.
I have found a new start gear to the flywheel and it was posted before Eastern than I would get some help to fit it in place.See picture.
The pinion project is in progress. I would visit a junk yard that have an Willys six 1931 chassi and see if the rear axel details fits.See picture.