Many different jobs

This month I have not worked so much because I have got the flu. Nothing was done for 14 days.
At the right front fender rear end I discovered a buckle which I was forced to drill and weld to be correct.
The carburetor was sent to the shop that would help me to clean and adjust it with the service kit I had bought.
The clutch was sent to a shop and arrived a week later in shape as new. I also made the anti rattle springs for the clutch release levers after the drawing from Greg and WOKR.
The cylinder head in the shop got a visit from me to se if he have made any progress but he should do it in this week …..
I turned and drilled the holes for the thick washer to the exhaust pipe that fits on the exhaust manifold.
The aluminum trimmings has been adjusted and mounted on the foot step to see how would look like.
The water pump is next to be mounted.
I hope to deliver some parts to be painted in the next month, perhaps………