Bearings and rear axle

Since last month I have had an cold and was out of work enthusiasms some days. But never the less I have been working with the car. The springs in the rear is mounted with grease between the leafs.
The rear axel is ready.
After some trouble with the outer bearings and that I have tried to improve the tighten .The rear cover had become a new cork sealing. The differential bearings is secured with steel wire-like before. There is new grease nipples. The brakes is not yet mounted and brakes linings is new and has been glued to the brake shoes. Thank you John for the photos !!!
The springs and the rear axel is mounted to the frame and the shackles is mounted with new bushings reamed both in the springs and the frame. The rear axel is filled with oil. When I tried to mount the U-bolts they where 30 mm to short. That was only to remount the tools for the press and making new threads to the bolts there went 4 hours!
When I fitted the rear fender the sill was not fitted correct I had to make a new one .
Total amount of time 1015 hours






Left side

The last 14 days I have been busy with the left side . The front fender is fitted to the footstep and the appron. The rear fender has also been fitted to the footstep and the appron.
The front fender is new riveted wheel trunk bolt made and is in place with the big plate behind.
The rear axel is sandblasted and all the brake parts also. All the parts were painted black.
The rear axel is some adjustments done so it will fit to the car. The brakes and also adjusted to fit to the mechanical brakes.




I have just visited

I have just visited and took a look at the engine, valves, pistons and the bushings for the pistons.
Then I went to get the rear mainleafs that got eyes for the shackles and the bolts.Then I needed help to bend the rest of the leafs. to fit in.
The bearings for the rear axel and the pinion had also arrived.
The rear fender on the right side is made new plates and and deal of welding and fitting. Some work just now to fit the rear end of the fenderotherwise finished with that.
I have also dismounted the radiator and got to a shop that would help me to rebuild it.
Just now looks the right side like this.












Under the first weeks

Under the first weeks in June I have made a lot of work. The rear axel from an 1937 International Truck is dismounted and found being nearly the same measures the ratio is 11 to 46 which is some less in against 10 to 44.
Now I would dismount the rear axel of the Willys and see if there is the same measures and then I can mount the things together in one rear axel.
The floorboards in plywood has got an layer of Ash-tree and then being measured in the right size. The edges is being glued. Then it had been painted black in the outside and inside it is being varnished.
The plate floor I had painted black on the outside.
The gearbox is totally dismounted and bearings and the main bushing is new .The gearshift end is yet missing.
New pistons, pistons pins and rings are bought and waiting on to be mounted when the engine is machined.
The rear seat and back had got new wooden frames and ready to be mounted with the cushions which I going to be made!!!