New knobs

Since last I have done new knobs for the H and S in harder plastic.
The letters on the knobs is also new. The knobs have been painted in the same way as before.
The carburetor is still in the shop.
The wheels covers is in the chrome shop for chroming they said that it would be ready in late April.
I have bought a NOS windshield vacuum wiper .I have mounted it in place. The copper line is in place but not attached to the body and the manifold yet. I shall also buy one more wiper blade with parallel stay and pivot.




Small fixes

It is still some work to be done.
Such as painting the knobs for the dash.
The upholstery on the doors round the windows is some changes made so that the upholstery fits better to the channels. The pillar between the doors at both sides is new wood made for the upholstery.I have delivered the prototype for the radiator mascot to the foundry that makes it in brass or bronze. The ashtray is missing but the surroundings is mounted in the front backrest rear.
The gasoline gauge t is filled with red liquid I have not tested if functions ok yet. The gauges is not mounted in the dash, I am still waiting for the water temperature gauge from the shop.
For the rear trunk have I made some measures and planning how to cut and put it together.
I wish You all a Merry X-mas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Short trips

I have made many short trips in the neighborhood.
The work with the small things in progress.
I have made two copies of the knobs on the dash. The first step was to lay the original knob in a clay form. The clay dried for a couple of hours. Then I placed the new wire in the form and filled plastic padding in the form and waited. After a about twenty minutes the plastic had hardened . Then I took the clay away and the next step was to make letters and paint the knobs..