Bearings and rear axle

Since last month I have had an cold and was out of work enthusiasms some days. But never the less I have been working with the car. The springs in the rear is mounted with grease between the leafs.
The rear axel is ready.
After some trouble with the outer bearings and that I have tried to improve the tighten .The rear cover had become a new cork sealing. The differential bearings is secured with steel wire-like before. There is new grease nipples. The brakes is not yet mounted and brakes linings is new and has been glued to the brake shoes. Thank you John for the photos !!!
The springs and the rear axel is mounted to the frame and the shackles is mounted with new bushings reamed both in the springs and the frame. The rear axel is filled with oil. When I tried to mount the U-bolts they where 30 mm to short. That was only to remount the tools for the press and making new threads to the bolts there went 4 hours!
When I fitted the rear fender the sill was not fitted correct I had to make a new one .
Total amount of time 1015 hours