The work

The work for this month has been somewhat plottery.
The parts that I had become help with was not ready and I was spent much time to talk and ask for them to make some progress but……The parts is the head leaf to the rear springs I was getting help to make the eyes for the spring bolts but they was somewhat busy just now…The bearings was one week only a day or two away but I have not seen them yet!
The engine has been milled I he said that it was time for me to come and see if the eight cylinder is being to rusty or he was thinking of to make a new cylinder.
The radiator shell is till missing-someone that have one left? I had to think if I shall make a new one .I have being thinking and trying with paper and see if it is possible for me to make one.
But some real work has been done .The footsteps are made in 2mm steel and fitted in place. That took much time to fit the footstep to the front fender and the side plates. I had to remake the rear of the front fender so that would fit to the footstep. After that I was eager to see how the rear fender would fit to it but… I saw had to be a great deal of welding and fit some new plates in to the fender so that it shall fit proper. I began to take away the sill plate in the rear door and remake and fit the plate below the rear door.
The job with the front fender, the wheel trunk , the iron that holds the spare wheel ,side plate and the footstep was finished by painting with rust primer