Mascot and small problems

What have I done since May?
I have mounted the mascot on the radiator shell after I have got some chrome on it.
The interior have got another touch when I mounted the knobs in the instrument panel. All the wires is not connected yet because I cut them to short!
The trunk is almost finished it is still some work inside with some clothing’s.
I have driven the car to some weddings and student occasion.
There is some problems with overheating the engine the water boils when standing still and the engine is running. I dismounted the thermostat and there is still some of the problem left.
I have also made(glued) and mounted the rubberfloor under the clutch and brake pedals.




Trunk and springs

The time since February I have spent working with the trunk .The plywood pieces has been glued together. All the wood has become a layer of varnish. The outside has fabric been fastned. The most of the aluminium trim are nailed in place .The small hatch has a little “wood fantasy” being made. Some work is still needed before it is finished.
The rear leafs is back from the shop that helped me hardened them. After that I was forced to make new clamps and bushings. The springs have I attached to the frame and rear axel.