I have mounted the roof

I have mounted, screwed and glued the roof ribs in place.
The side rib that is fitted along the body over the doors I have reparied and make new 50 cm long end on the left side.
Just now is tha car like thisSee picture.
The front window is taken a part and ready for sandblasting. I need to make or find a new handle that fits to the window also!
New wood from ash is byed and just now it is in a warm place to dry well a couple of weeks. Then I would make seats and backs for the cushions and some of it would also be floor in the rear. The wood piece is 65 cm width.
I have made a tool to make a wheel trunk in the right front fender. The right fender is welded,repaired and the left side is not all rust holes reparied.See picture.
The fotstep pins is reparied and welded on the right side. The left side I had to remake one from a wrong one that has been there before.See picture.
Greg in WOKR has done lots of work with helping me to get the right measurs on almost everything that can be measured, thank you Greg.
The engine project is in progress also. New main bearings, connecting rod bearings are made and the crankshaft is machined. The hole engine is now mowed 300 km nearer me and a guy should help be to bore the engine for oversize pistons and fit the valves.
Here can You see how I do to get an Willys 8(engine) in the rear of my Volvo 850.See picture.
I have found a new start gear to the flywheel and it was posted before Eastern than I would get some help to fit it in place.See picture.
The pinion project is in progress. I would visit a junk yard that have an Willys six 1931 chassi and see if the rear axel details fits.See picture.