Chrome and minor jobs

This month I have been working with many small things and delivered front bumper, radiator shell, head lamps and front seat irons to chroming. I tried to repair the shell but it seems to hard for me to do that. I needed help and it looks like an experience hand would help me.
Adjusted the right rear door so it would be smooth and nice to close and fit proper in the body line. When doing that I also tries to make a good finish at the door sides and all the surfaces that would be painted later. Even the left door was some job on like in the right side.
The front bar between the front fenders has been changed because so the radiator shell would fit better.
I visited the shop that helps me with the drilling and changing of one cylinder he would perhaps finish it under January some time????
I mounted the rain drain holder under the rear windows. Drilled holes for the footstep and threaded the bolts in the frame. Adjusted the left side fenders so the outside line is ok.