This month I have cut

This month I have cut the the leafs to the rear springs. The leaf package I left to a person that can help me to get the right curve and the eyes for the spring bolts on the main leaf.
The front fenders mountings in the spare wheels trunk where new plates made and even machined the rivets.
I have a helping hand to make a new gasoline tank.
A visit to Värnamo by Mats was ending with that I got the headlight bar with some rusty headlight and a couple of restorable rear fenders.
The rear axel is in progress. The pinion and Crown wheel was getting ahead by Greg at WOKR. He sent me some drawings for that purpose. John Stokes wrote from New Zeeland an e-mail. He wrote that International Trucks from 1936-41 has the same or interchangeable parts for the Willys8. Even the Borg-Wagner with no. WX2068-2069 was also a possibility.
The radiator shell was also taking a step forwards by some drawings and an ads in WOKR Newsletter .Which I am hopeful looking forward to get some answers from members.
The Engine restoration was in some progress also .I made new nuts in right size and hardened them also. All together 29 pieces I made two more then required