Bearings and rear axle

Since last month I have had an cold and was out of work enthusiasms some days. But never the less I have been working with the car. The springs in the rear is mounted with grease between the leafs.
The rear axel is ready.
After some trouble with the outer bearings and that I have tried to improve the tighten .The rear cover had become a new cork sealing. The differential bearings is secured with steel wire-like before. There is new grease nipples. The brakes is not yet mounted and brakes linings is new and has been glued to the brake shoes. Thank you John for the photos !!!
The springs and the rear axel is mounted to the frame and the shackles is mounted with new bushings reamed both in the springs and the frame. The rear axel is filled with oil. When I tried to mount the U-bolts they where 30 mm to short. That was only to remount the tools for the press and making new threads to the bolts there went 4 hours!
When I fitted the rear fender the sill was not fitted correct I had to make a new one .
Total amount of time 1015 hours






Rear fenders

The last 14 days I have spent remaking the left and right rear fenders. They did not fit proper to the plate that cover the frame and are fastened to the fender. They did not line up to the outer from the front fenders and the footsteps. There is still some job with them before that is ready.
The rubber that cover the hole under the rear seat has been made and also the ring to mount it with.
The rear axel is adjusted little more and I think it is alright now. The outer bearings is mounted and the cover and distance plates is cleaned. The brake shield and drum is mounted to see how it would fit together I would dismount them and fit them correct later.
The rear springs has arrived bended and ready to be made clamps for and cutting the ends, make bushings and so on.






Rear axel

Just now I am working with the rear axel. I have mounted the crown-wheel in the house .I have also cleaned and fitted the housing cover just now I am fitting the pinion to the crown-wheel. It is taking a lot of hours when marking the gears with paint and adjusting it a little all the time with the pinion. All the bearings is new and mounted .
The rest of the axels is mounted later when the gear mounting is finished.
The rear leafs is still on the job list in the blacksmith shop. Some cleaning work has been done by the brake parts all the mounting parts is now nearly rust free on one side.
The gas tank is in progress what I have heard.
I have also done some adjustment on the left rear fender some plates is still remaining and to be weld in place.
I have got email from John Stokes , New Zeeland, regarding the interchange of the carburetors among all the other information. Thanks! That means that I have more possibilities to make an god choice of an carburetor.






I have just visited

I have just visited and took a look at the engine, valves, pistons and the bushings for the pistons.
Then I went to get the rear mainleafs that got eyes for the shackles and the bolts.Then I needed help to bend the rest of the leafs. to fit in.
The bearings for the rear axel and the pinion had also arrived.
The rear fender on the right side is made new plates and and deal of welding and fitting. Some work just now to fit the rear end of the fenderotherwise finished with that.
I have also dismounted the radiator and got to a shop that would help me to rebuild it.
Just now looks the right side like this.