I have fitted doors

I have fitted the doors on the right side both to the roof ,rear and torpedo.The top wood of the roof on the right side both that goes from the rear to the front window and fitted it in the front wood.
I have make the wood over rear fender and door and fitted it .The bottom plates under the cushion and the floor are ready welded and primed .All the wood are varnished. See picture.
The left doors and hood and lots of things are back from sandblasting and primed.The doors where very little of reparing.
The most of the wood in the left doors are ready. See picture.
The engine is still wating for to be arborred.
Got mail from Paul he think that I can use some radiator shell from other Willys.That one I have is an 1931 for the 97 model it fits correct to the radiator but in the top and rear it does not fit to the hood where it is straight not curved which this 97 is!!! See picture.




The doors

The doors come from sandblasting. But when I took a closer look to the front door it was completely worn out and lots of small holes. There was only to fix a new panel with all the pressings !!! made some tests in the hydraulic press and went to making press tools. See picture.