Steering and universal joint

This month I have been working with the front axel in terms of ordering bearings and trying to machine thespindle bolts to dimensions that fits the bearings. When working with that I contacted Sören and he advised me to get it all done at the same time in his workshop when the bearings arrive . Meaning new bushings, spindle bolts, and a bigger hole in the axel. The axel and some other parts has been sandblasted and got an layer of primer.
The gas tank was finished soldering and fitting the gas gauge and painting it all black.
The rear universal joint was cleaned and examined .With the result of new must be mounted. Find one is not easy but I have contacted one that had the Mechanics data sheet for my universal joint.
Thegear box has been mounted in all parts and after I got some small parts from Kjell in Norway I succeed to get all work proper.
The shock absorbers has been examined an one was ok ,two is needed be serviced and one must completely restored. I have been making pin bolts and nuts to two of them.
The last thing I have done this month is making adjustments to the right rear door.
I have also been in contact with Greg Gumtow and he would help to get the radiator shell and headlights from US to Sweden.