Mascot and small problems

What have I done since May?
I have mounted the mascot on the radiator shell after I have got some chrome on it.
The interior have got another touch when I mounted the knobs in the instrument panel. All the wires is not connected yet because I cut them to short!
The trunk is almost finished it is still some work inside with some clothing’s.
I have driven the car to some weddings and student occasion.
There is some problems with overheating the engine the water boils when standing still and the engine is running. I dismounted the thermostat and there is still some of the problem left.
I have also made(glued) and mounted the rubberfloor under the clutch and brake pedals.




Radiator mascot,interior and springs

I have made some work even if I not written since last year.The radiator mascot is grinded and polished so it would be ready for the chroming shop.
The interior in the rear is new material bought and fastened in place. The cushion is to bee more hard it is now to soft. The backrest would also be adjusted against the side panels.
The rear springs are dismounted and the blacksmith shop helped me to bend them into the right shape again. I have sent leafs to the shop that helps me with the hardened process of the leafs.
The rear trunk work has started. The trunk is glued together.



Small fixes

It is still some work to be done.
Such as painting the knobs for the dash.
The upholstery on the doors round the windows is some changes made so that the upholstery fits better to the channels. The pillar between the doors at both sides is new wood made for the upholstery.I have delivered the prototype for the radiator mascot to the foundry that makes it in brass or bronze. The ashtray is missing but the surroundings is mounted in the front backrest rear.
The gasoline gauge t is filled with red liquid I have not tested if functions ok yet. The gauges is not mounted in the dash, I am still waiting for the water temperature gauge from the shop.
For the rear trunk have I made some measures and planning how to cut and put it together.
I wish You all a Merry X-mas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






More work

Hi there!
The project is still going on. As you have seen the car is working all right.
The jobs that is going to be done is adjust the valves, make so the water temperature instrument works, adjust the brakes, remake the rear springs they are to soft, work with the speedometer it is not function correct.
One new thing that I am doing is to make a copy of the hood ornament. The other new job is to do rubber ornaments in the footstep rubber.