I have mounted reardoor

I have mounted the rear left door hundred times (it feels like that) up and down to make small adjustments every time. Then I have make reinforcement so the doors are in the right place even after that I have mounted them.
New roof bows are made and tapped in the roofsides. I have also fitted the roof wood in place but not mounted them. The next job for all these parts is to be varnished a couple of times. Then remounted and glued in place with some screws.
The “remaining” job for the wooden part is now to make the seats and rest backs for the front. There I have some parts left so that I can take some measures. The pictures shows before.
I have looked on the aluminium top covering on the roof and tried to make them as new again I hope!!!

I have placed all

I have placed all the wood in the doors and varnished it fitted the doors on the left side.Needed to reweld the roofside over the rear door.All the mechanisms is in place.See picture.See picture.
All the indoor handels is very bad. I need to make new ones but it is difficult to make the lines in the handels. I must figure out how to do this. Anyone that have handles to sell???? Mail me
All the door locks and stop and all the things that is on the door for correct function is repaired and painted.
I have also repaired the wood and mechanism under the right rear window.I could spare the handle!!!
See picture..See picture.
I have also located an generator and got some hints to fix the starter.
The rear spring with schackels is in progress I have got information from help of Greg and Paul and the WOKR. Perhaps I have located a pair thats on a six 97 or 98 chassie.Where I also hope to find the rear gear and pinion.
Got the phone from a person in Skövde he has four wire wheels in very good shape to the Willys.
Thinking on and planning the cushions both rear and front. I have some cushions and some wood fragment! But I have the mechanism to move the front seat and some holes so that I can see where it has been and one picture inside taken in an article in a swedish motorjournal from 1931!??
The instruments is what I am looking for!Help!





I have fitted doors

I have fitted the doors on the right side both to the roof ,rear and torpedo.The top wood of the roof on the right side both that goes from the rear to the front window and fitted it in the front wood.
I have make the wood over rear fender and door and fitted it .The bottom plates under the cushion and the floor are ready welded and primed .All the wood are varnished. See picture.
The left doors and hood and lots of things are back from sandblasting and primed.The doors where very little of reparing.
The most of the wood in the left doors are ready. See picture.
The engine is still wating for to be arborred.
Got mail from Paul he think that I can use some radiator shell from other Willys.That one I have is an 1931 for the 97 model it fits correct to the radiator but in the top and rear it does not fit to the hood where it is straight not curved which this 97 is!!! See picture.




Get on to fitting doors

Get on to fitting the doors in place. Sent door on left side,hood and other things away for sandblasting.See picture. Kjell from Örebro phoned and said that he had head gasket I said I would by it. He would also be looking for starter, generator, carburetor, instruments and radiator shell. Fitting all the wood in the rear from the doors and back went on making and replacing all the wood and it is ready to be lacquered and place permanently in place. It is a satisfaction when you place the old piece in the place with new made wood around it. And it FITS!!!!
The floorboards in steel, in the rear, are being to be fixed and all the rust holes is replaced.





Sent the motor block

Sent the motor block away to make new crankshaft babbits and arbor it. Begin to make wood to doors and renovate all mechanics.See picture.
Pressed one panel and went on fitting by using an English wheel but I failed and made second one that one I missed in measuring at last I made one more and fitted it by using an stretch and bend tool. Welded it in place and about 60 hours later.See picture.
Made wood to the front door and placed all the mechanics in the right place.
Mounted the doors in place and get an first hint in fitting it.See picture.
Renovated the crankcase welded and painted it on the outside.



Took the rearaxel apart

Took the rearaxel apart and the speval bevel gear was missing! Know I have an pinion but no rearaxel that it fits to.It is only to fix another rearaxel!
Loosen all cylinder head bolts one is broken and I have some trouble take it away and the same thing with the manifolds bolts three of them is stuck. See picture, nr 1 or nr 2.
Fitted the woodframe to the body and fitted it all together and the floorplates in the rear and in the middle was in place so that I was needed to cut and repass the woodframe.
Cut of the rearbody from the torpedo so the hole car is in three parts.
Beginning to loosen all the woodparts from the body and cutting all the bolts away.



Engine and splash aprons

Took contact with Mr. Mickos in Stockholm and he had some cushions for an Willys.
Made a tool that i could press the splash and after many trials I got and god result the remaining jobs is to press it in 90 degrees with an tall radius of¾”, I guess.
Enginework is proceding that two more pistons seams beginning to loos.
Got some intresting tip from Lorentsson in Lund that it is chance to get spareparts.
The woodframe is ready to cut from wood 1”x8” and glue it to better size and after a week I have beginning to make it fit together with the rearbody and the doors and torpedo.