The work since last has been concentrated to the radiator shell. New plate in the bottom has been made and fitted in place. After that welded and grinded and welded again some times just now it looks good. It is still some work to be done before I hand over to chroming.
I have also made new garnish moldings to the rear window. For the lower molding was a tool made to get the right look regarding to the other windows. There is some work left before it would be finished.
The front axel was mounted to the frame and the bearings ,drums with new paint and wheels was mounted. The brake shoes was cleaned and ready for new linings to be glued in place.


Engine work

The work from February is proceeding with mounting the oil pan which had become a layer of black enamelbefore mounting with new made gaskets. The floating oil intake was mounted. When mounted all that I turned the engine and made a bed of wood so that would be easier to mount the rest in upright position. I has also adjusted the valves to 0.010 ” clearance. The new timing chain as mounted and a new ignition mark was stamped on the flywheel. I made new washers for the freeze holes.
I have mounted and fitted the clutch assembly was forced to change the bolts into new with insex heads because the where made in the highest quality. The clutch plate should I send to someone can make new discs.
The man that is helping me with painting the car has inspected the work that has been done by me. He took a careful examination. He said it would be nice to paint it. I could dismount the fenders and the other plates.
Now it is only for me to choice colour !!!!!
The radiator shell ,headlamps and the front bumper is proceeding some what .The shell is dichromate and ready for repairing Which I should do later. The head lamps was undertaken a cleaning with some light acid .The results was astonishing .OR! The bumper is going to be sanded by me later.
The front axel is ready to be painted and mount the bearings after new bushings and king pins.






Information and dismounting

Hi everybody that is enjoying my job on this project. I hope that you not have been disappointed when visiting this site and seen that I have not written anything during July.
When Kjell visited me in May he took some photos of me and my car. He also took a trip to Sören and looked on hiscar.
There has been many mails to WOKR members trying to get information regarding the front axel. I have also got some help from everyone that answered. That ha give me a solution to the front axel adventure .I have disabled the axel into some parts that would got to be sandblasted and the parts that I have cleaned myself.
All the hydraulic shock eliminators has been cleaned and is ready for new oil and paint. The transmission mounted but there is one part missing. The flywheel house cover with axel machined and pedals with new made bushings. All has been cleaned and ready for paint.
The front window is dismounted in all it parts remounted ready for paint and glass. The petrol tank is in progress with a helping hand from a workshop and then I made the sides and mounted the tank filler neck .The gas gauge is not yet installed. The rear trunk luggage rack is fitted in place When working with the rack I discovered that the rear bumper is missing anyone that have measures












The spring cushion and frontaxel

The spring cushion is going to be fitted in place and I have to talk the person who is going to help me I have also been repairing the rear axel for the Whippet 96 it was leaking oil into the brakes which I was forced to repair.
The front axel chapter is in some progress I have some doubt about the strength which one to choose but it seems just now that I will choose the axel from the Willys 97.The drum looks very good and I am forced to drill for the wheel bolts so that they will fit my wheels. Some e-mail has been sent to members in the WOKR that perhaps has some answers.
The plate that covers the gas tank has a new one been made. First to make a tool that make ribs and then an other tool that make the round hole. When they have been stamped I made the plate to fit the curve on the frame and last to fit proper in place
A new bushing for the main shaft in the gear box has Sören made to me. He also has fitted the new ring gear to the flywheel.









Left side

The last 14 days I have been busy with the left side . The front fender is fitted to the footstep and the appron. The rear fender has also been fitted to the footstep and the appron.
The front fender is new riveted wheel trunk bolt made and is in place with the big plate behind.
The rear axel is sandblasted and all the brake parts also. All the parts were painted black.
The rear axel is some adjustments done so it will fit to the car. The brakes and also adjusted to fit to the mechanical brakes.