I, Ragnar Adell, got a tip from an person that had an Nash8 engine for sale. He sad that he knew a person who had a car since 1972 in a barn outside Umeå. I got his number and talked to him .Yes, he still had the car but he had forgotten in what shape and what parts that where missing. After a few weeks he phoned me and said that he should send some photos. When I saw the picture I was sold. That car what was what I was looking for, a sort of dream car from 1930 and with wire wheels and spare in the fenders and a straight 8.

I made the deal and went to get it home the 17 December 2000.

You can follow my work by reading in the dairy see how my small steps and see me starting and driving a very rare car model.

Here can you see, listen and watch how it all feels inside and outside my car.

Enjoy it !!!

Ragnar Adell