Trunk and springs

The time since February I have spent working with the trunk .The plywood pieces has been glued together. All the wood has become a layer of varnish. The outside has fabric been fastned. The most of the aluminium trim are nailed in place .The small hatch has a little “wood fantasy” being made. Some work is still needed before it is finished.
The rear leafs is back from the shop that helped me hardened them. After that I was forced to make new clamps and bushings. The springs have I attached to the frame and rear axel.




Radiator mascot,interior and springs

I have made some work even if I not written since last year.The radiator mascot is grinded and polished so it would be ready for the chroming shop.
The interior in the rear is new material bought and fastened in place. The cushion is to bee more hard it is now to soft. The backrest would also be adjusted against the side panels.
The rear springs are dismounted and the blacksmith shop helped me to bend them into the right shape again. I have sent leafs to the shop that helps me with the hardened process of the leafs.
The rear trunk work has started. The trunk is glued together.



I have just visited

I have just visited and took a look at the engine, valves, pistons and the bushings for the pistons.
Then I went to get the rear mainleafs that got eyes for the shackles and the bolts.Then I needed help to bend the rest of the leafs. to fit in.
The bearings for the rear axel and the pinion had also arrived.
The rear fender on the right side is made new plates and and deal of welding and fitting. Some work just now to fit the rear end of the fenderotherwise finished with that.
I have also dismounted the radiator and got to a shop that would help me to rebuild it.
Just now looks the right side like this.












I have made frontseat

I have made completly new rest back and the seat frame in wood for the front seat.With the old hing and reinforcemnets plates.All that job was taken me nearly all the time in april!
I have welded the wheel trunk in the right front fender.See picture.
In the left front fender i have repaired and welded some big pieces in the trunk.
I have also mailed again to Greg and asked for drawings of radiator shell and pinion and king gear for the rear axel
I hope I have an contact that can make new ones for me after the drawings.
The rear spring is also in progress I have make an contact that would help me to make spring leafs.