Frame ready

The most of the frame is ready with mounting the fuel line from the gas tank which also is mounted. The body is ready from the paint shop. The mounting of the front window with the rubber around .The tube for the ignition cables was made and mounted. The many small items that has been to the chrome shop has arrived.
I have worked both day and evening trying to get ready to 8th August to register and get number plates for my older sons wedding the 27 August!!!!!
The last days I have mounted the most of the wiring and connected it all according to the electrical scheme. The radiator and the shell is also mounted in place
I have also got the inner roof done .Mounted the dashboard and some of the instruments. The engine has been running for total about 30 minutes and so it happens -the rear frost plug went out and all the water went out!!!! Much work!!!







Body paint

Just now the project is going with high speed.
The body has been removed from the frame. The body is put on a wagon that is drawn to the paint shop. The frame is painted black. Some of wood interior has been removed.
The brake cables is tested and the wire has been pressed in the ends. The front cables is mounted in place.The front brakes is ready.
The wood graining is finished and the parts is ready to get a layer of varnish to get a god surface before I mount it in the car.
The rear wheels is new tubes mounted so I could use the old tires when working on the frame.
The engine is mounted in the frame so is also the clutch and the gearbox. I have made new rubber mountings.
The steering is mounted to the front axel.






Many different jobs

This month I have not worked so much because I have got the flu. Nothing was done for 14 days.
At the right front fender rear end I discovered a buckle which I was forced to drill and weld to be correct.
The carburetor was sent to the shop that would help me to clean and adjust it with the service kit I had bought.
The clutch was sent to a shop and arrived a week later in shape as new. I also made the anti rattle springs for the clutch release levers after the drawing from Greg and WOKR.
The cylinder head in the shop got a visit from me to se if he have made any progress but he should do it in this week …..
I turned and drilled the holes for the thick washer to the exhaust pipe that fits on the exhaust manifold.
The aluminum trimmings has been adjusted and mounted on the foot step to see how would look like.
The water pump is next to be mounted.
I hope to deliver some parts to be painted in the next month, perhaps………







This year began with

This year began with the job that I have worked with in December that means much time is spend doing the surface ready for painting. Which is to look after small dents and other small mistakes working with light from the side to the surface. That means the rear plates and the right side has been apart and welded some bolt holes and correcting the mounting so it all fit proper together .The hood shelves (plates under the hood) has been corrected so they will fit better now. The left rear door has been adjusted so it will work better when closing it.
The shock absorbers is ready. They have all been mounted and painted black. Next step there is to fit in to the frame and the axels with new rubber inserted in the link tubes.
The other big work this month has been to make the trimmings for the running boards. It began with taken the old ones-I had some fragments! Measuring it all angles and so on. I made a tool and after much trying. Several hours later it looked alright. I would buy a rectangular aluminum plate with 6mm height and about 20mm width this will be mounted on the upper side and fastened with pin bolts from the bottom.
I have not heard anything from the shop that would help me with the crack on the cylinder head.









Wondering what has happened with my project????
In this summer the Willys 8 project has been going in slow motion because of working in our house with repairing ,building and setting wallpaper in the kitchen followed up with rebuilding the bathroom and shower. That has taken the most of my time this last months.
But …..
There has been some progress in the Willys project :
I have made the installation of the roof top .Beginning with jute pad in the bottom which was nailed in place .Next step was to lay the synthetic padding and finish with top fabric . I have also fasted the aluminum rail to see how it all will fit it will be taken of before the painting.
The steering wheel was repaired and painted the job that remains is to make a button .I have also started making the chrome rings for the instrument panel
The radiator shell and some other things has been delivered to a shop that would help with chroming.
I have found a Carter BB 1D carburetor that need some work but I think it would fit.








Chrome and minor jobs

This month I have been working with many small things and delivered front bumper, radiator shell, head lamps and front seat irons to chroming. I tried to repair the shell but it seems to hard for me to do that. I needed help and it looks like an experience hand would help me.
Adjusted the right rear door so it would be smooth and nice to close and fit proper in the body line. When doing that I also tries to make a good finish at the door sides and all the surfaces that would be painted later. Even the left door was some job on like in the right side.
The front bar between the front fenders has been changed because so the radiator shell would fit better.
I visited the shop that helps me with the drilling and changing of one cylinder he would perhaps finish it under January some time????
I mounted the rain drain holder under the rear windows. Drilled holes for the footstep and threaded the bolts in the frame. Adjusted the left side fenders so the outside line is ok.



Already November

It is already November when I am writing this.
Under October I began within making new outside handles. I made a tool to press the handle skin, but after making some (many) testing I decided to take the old ones and make only one new. That was after many ,many hours of testing.
Made new glass settingchannels for all windows. Fitted the front window with all mechanisms. That one is ready for paint, rubber and glass.
Delivered the front axel to Sören so he could help with the the spindles, bolts and bushings. The bearings has arrived.
Mounted the front springs with there shackles in the frame.
Thefloor in the rear under the seat has been mounted and welded in place and finally got an layer of paint over it.
The wooden floor in the rear and thetoe boards is just what I being working with now.When getting it fit proper I also fitted the steering column and the flywheel house with pedals to see how it would work with the toe board.In the same time I also working with thefront seat and the mechanisms that moves the seat .Sandblasting, painting fitting and threading the holes.
I shall say -Thank You to Mike Barbour who is helping me with measures for the front seat and the rear bumper. The last one is handed over to on helping hand who would bend and curve the irons.
The radiator shell and the head lamps is shipped from US to Sweden and would perhaps arrive November or December.









Steering and universal joint

This month I have been working with the front axel in terms of ordering bearings and trying to machine thespindle bolts to dimensions that fits the bearings. When working with that I contacted Sören and he advised me to get it all done at the same time in his workshop when the bearings arrive . Meaning new bushings, spindle bolts, and a bigger hole in the axel. The axel and some other parts has been sandblasted and got an layer of primer.
The gas tank was finished soldering and fitting the gas gauge and painting it all black.
The rear universal joint was cleaned and examined .With the result of new must be mounted. Find one is not easy but I have contacted one that had the Mechanics data sheet for my universal joint.
Thegear box has been mounted in all parts and after I got some small parts from Kjell in Norway I succeed to get all work proper.
The shock absorbers has been examined an one was ok ,two is needed be serviced and one must completely restored. I have been making pin bolts and nuts to two of them.
The last thing I have done this month is making adjustments to the right rear door.
I have also been in contact with Greg Gumtow and he would help to get the radiator shell and headlights from US to Sweden.







Information and dismounting

Hi everybody that is enjoying my job on this project. I hope that you not have been disappointed when visiting this site and seen that I have not written anything during July.
When Kjell visited me in May he took some photos of me and my car. He also took a trip to Sören and looked on hiscar.
There has been many mails to WOKR members trying to get information regarding the front axel. I have also got some help from everyone that answered. That ha give me a solution to the front axel adventure .I have disabled the axel into some parts that would got to be sandblasted and the parts that I have cleaned myself.
All the hydraulic shock eliminators has been cleaned and is ready for new oil and paint. The transmission mounted but there is one part missing. The flywheel house cover with axel machined and pedals with new made bushings. All has been cleaned and ready for paint.
The front window is dismounted in all it parts remounted ready for paint and glass. The petrol tank is in progress with a helping hand from a workshop and then I made the sides and mounted the tank filler neck .The gas gauge is not yet installed. The rear trunk luggage rack is fitted in place When working with the rack I discovered that the rear bumper is missing anyone that have measures












Visitor and fitting the body

This months highlight was when Kjell Fagerland visited me. He had two hubcap to my car! Thank You Kjell.
The most of the time I has spent within making the body to fit proper to the fenders and the footstep. I am not ready with that yet. That means welding ,loosen bolts,drill new holes , fasten 1/4″ UNC bolt with washer and nut and outside finishing with plastic filler and at the last a layer of primer. It takes a lot of time. The work left is the rear fenders where it is welding to be done in the front lower end to the footstep in both sides.
The radiator shell is still laying waiting to be sent to me the only problem is to solve the transport to a reasonable price.
I am measuring to see which way I would fit the frontaxel.

The left rear fender

The left rear fender is more welding done and I hope also the last of welding on that fender. The bolts has been set in the correct place and the fitting is now correct to the body.
Mounted the brakes on the rear axel. There is only to fit the brake cables and calibrate the brakes.
Greg had sent me a mail and said that he has one radiator shell that needs some repair work. I told him that was ok for me and that I was interested of buying it.There is only to find a cheap way of sending it to me.
The radiator is ready and I have mounted it in place to see how it fits..
The rest of the time I have been adjusting the door and roof on the right side ,welding,sanding and plastic filling so it is nearly ready for painting!!
I am waiting for the engine.




Rear panel

After the springs my latest work is the side panels in the rear against the fenders over the gas tank. There I began making a simple tool in wood . Which I used bending and making the radius towards the outside. After welding and making the small bend about 8 mm for fitting the rear panel over gas tank.
The rear axel has shims been done that holds the right measure for the bearings.
Total amount of time 968 hours so far…..




Rear fenders

The last 14 days I have spent remaking the left and right rear fenders. They did not fit proper to the plate that cover the frame and are fastened to the fender. They did not line up to the outer from the front fenders and the footsteps. There is still some job with them before that is ready.
The rubber that cover the hole under the rear seat has been made and also the ring to mount it with.
The rear axel is adjusted little more and I think it is alright now. The outer bearings is mounted and the cover and distance plates is cleaned. The brake shield and drum is mounted to see how it would fit together I would dismount them and fit them correct later.
The rear springs has arrived bended and ready to be made clamps for and cutting the ends, make bushings and so on.






The work

The work for this month has been somewhat plottery.
The parts that I had become help with was not ready and I was spent much time to talk and ask for them to make some progress but……The parts is the head leaf to the rear springs I was getting help to make the eyes for the spring bolts but they was somewhat busy just now…The bearings was one week only a day or two away but I have not seen them yet!
The engine has been milled I he said that it was time for me to come and see if the eight cylinder is being to rusty or he was thinking of to make a new cylinder.
The radiator shell is till missing-someone that have one left? I had to think if I shall make a new one .I have being thinking and trying with paper and see if it is possible for me to make one.
But some real work has been done .The footsteps are made in 2mm steel and fitted in place. That took much time to fit the footstep to the front fender and the side plates. I had to remake the rear of the front fender so that would fit to the footstep. After that I was eager to see how the rear fender would fit to it but… I saw had to be a great deal of welding and fit some new plates in to the fender so that it shall fit proper. I began to take away the sill plate in the rear door and remake and fit the plate below the rear door.
The job with the front fender, the wheel trunk , the iron that holds the spare wheel ,side plate and the footstep was finished by painting with rust primer

The weather

The weather has been very fine and hot. The real working enthusiasm has not been there.
I have dispute that been doing some work.
The splash aprons is bended in a roll so that I can get the right curve.Firts thing to do is make an test plate that has the right angels. It seems to fit good and I take the real length 2meters.
Then begins the real job. After the 90 degrees curve I tried to fit the plates in the right place .But they did not fit at all in the inside of the front fenders. Back to my press tool and try too make the bend better!!! Only a rebuilding of the tool and some hours too measure and more pressing. Now the radius is right .Then after some measuring I could bend 90 degrees in the bottom .Now the fitting too the rear of the front fender begins. I have done most of the fitting on the right front fender. Even three bolts and the riveted bolt for the wheel trunk!
More parts has been bought the head gasket to the engine. Repair kit and new top to the fuel pump. An speedometer that seems to be right.
Just when I am writing this my contact calls and says that my bearings is very hard to find and it costs much.They where for the gearbox and the rear axel. Anyone that can help?







I have mounted the roof

I have mounted, screwed and glued the roof ribs in place.
The side rib that is fitted along the body over the doors I have reparied and make new 50 cm long end on the left side.
Just now is tha car like thisSee picture.
The front window is taken a part and ready for sandblasting. I need to make or find a new handle that fits to the window also!
New wood from ash is byed and just now it is in a warm place to dry well a couple of weeks. Then I would make seats and backs for the cushions and some of it would also be floor in the rear. The wood piece is 65 cm width.
I have made a tool to make a wheel trunk in the right front fender. The right fender is welded,repaired and the left side is not all rust holes reparied.See picture.
The fotstep pins is reparied and welded on the right side. The left side I had to remake one from a wrong one that has been there before.See picture.
Greg in WOKR has done lots of work with helping me to get the right measurs on almost everything that can be measured, thank you Greg.
The engine project is in progress also. New main bearings, connecting rod bearings are made and the crankshaft is machined. The hole engine is now mowed 300 km nearer me and a guy should help be to bore the engine for oversize pistons and fit the valves.
Here can You see how I do to get an Willys 8(engine) in the rear of my Volvo 850.See picture.
I have found a new start gear to the flywheel and it was posted before Eastern than I would get some help to fit it in place.See picture.
The pinion project is in progress. I would visit a junk yard that have an Willys six 1931 chassi and see if the rear axel details fits.See picture.







This month roof work

This month I have proceed with the aluminium roof cover and sanded,polished them and they look like new again!See picture.
The door sill plates in all four door is made,fitted and primed.Also the upper plates are made after the old ones.See picture.
The roof is varnished and placed in but not mounted. See picture.
All the woodscrews in the bottom wood in the rear and some others that remains are mounted
I have met a contact in Boxholm how has an Willys model 97 1931. I am interested in to take some spare parts from it.There was none pinion in the rearaxel!
The startgear on the flywheel is in progress I have found a spare parts that is correct and NOS.See picture. I also ordered a timingchain.
I have taken some picture of the rebuilded starter!picture.





I have mounted reardoor

I have mounted the rear left door hundred times (it feels like that) up and down to make small adjustments every time. Then I have make reinforcement so the doors are in the right place even after that I have mounted them.
New roof bows are made and tapped in the roofsides. I have also fitted the roof wood in place but not mounted them. The next job for all these parts is to be varnished a couple of times. Then remounted and glued in place with some screws.
The “remaining” job for the wooden part is now to make the seats and rest backs for the front. There I have some parts left so that I can take some measures. The pictures shows before.
I have looked on the aluminium top covering on the roof and tried to make them as new again I hope!!!

I have placed all

I have placed all the wood in the doors and varnished it fitted the doors on the left side.Needed to reweld the roofside over the rear door.All the mechanisms is in place.See picture.See picture.
All the indoor handels is very bad. I need to make new ones but it is difficult to make the lines in the handels. I must figure out how to do this. Anyone that have handles to sell???? Mail me
All the door locks and stop and all the things that is on the door for correct function is repaired and painted.
I have also repaired the wood and mechanism under the right rear window.I could spare the handle!!!
See picture..See picture.
I have also located an generator and got some hints to fix the starter.
The rear spring with schackels is in progress I have got information from help of Greg and Paul and the WOKR. Perhaps I have located a pair thats on a six 97 or 98 chassie.Where I also hope to find the rear gear and pinion.
Got the phone from a person in Skövde he has four wire wheels in very good shape to the Willys.
Thinking on and planning the cushions both rear and front. I have some cushions and some wood fragment! But I have the mechanism to move the front seat and some holes so that I can see where it has been and one picture inside taken in an article in a swedish motorjournal from 1931!??
The instruments is what I am looking for!Help!





I have fitted doors

I have fitted the doors on the right side both to the roof ,rear and torpedo.The top wood of the roof on the right side both that goes from the rear to the front window and fitted it in the front wood.
I have make the wood over rear fender and door and fitted it .The bottom plates under the cushion and the floor are ready welded and primed .All the wood are varnished. See picture.
The left doors and hood and lots of things are back from sandblasting and primed.The doors where very little of reparing.
The most of the wood in the left doors are ready. See picture.
The engine is still wating for to be arborred.
Got mail from Paul he think that I can use some radiator shell from other Willys.That one I have is an 1931 for the 97 model it fits correct to the radiator but in the top and rear it does not fit to the hood where it is straight not curved which this 97 is!!! See picture.




Get on to fitting doors

Get on to fitting the doors in place. Sent door on left side,hood and other things away for sandblasting.See picture. Kjell from Örebro phoned and said that he had head gasket I said I would by it. He would also be looking for starter, generator, carburetor, instruments and radiator shell. Fitting all the wood in the rear from the doors and back went on making and replacing all the wood and it is ready to be lacquered and place permanently in place. It is a satisfaction when you place the old piece in the place with new made wood around it. And it FITS!!!!
The floorboards in steel, in the rear, are being to be fixed and all the rust holes is replaced.





Sent the motor block

Sent the motor block away to make new crankshaft babbits and arbor it. Begin to make wood to doors and renovate all mechanics.See picture.
Pressed one panel and went on fitting by using an English wheel but I failed and made second one that one I missed in measuring at last I made one more and fitted it by using an stretch and bend tool. Welded it in place and about 60 hours later.See picture.
Made wood to the front door and placed all the mechanics in the right place.
Mounted the doors in place and get an first hint in fitting it.See picture.
Renovated the crankcase welded and painted it on the outside.



The doors

The doors come from sandblasting. But when I took a closer look to the front door it was completely worn out and lots of small holes. There was only to fix a new panel with all the pressings !!! made some tests in the hydraulic press and went to making press tools. See picture.


Placed the panel roof

Placed the panel roof sides in there right place and reinforced and it welded it. See picture.
Sent door on right side and other things away for sandblasting. Become member of the WORK. Thank you Duane Perrin for the help. Got drawings for the instrument panel. THAT is missing!!!!!! Thank you Joe Lucks.


Repaired fender

Repaired the rear fenders bolt and and fixed the nuts. Begin to looking for replacement of the pinion and bevel gear. Repaired the vent. on the torpedo. the Rust painted all the plate work that has been done.
Nailed the torpedo to the wood frame.
Repaired the front window hinge and made new threads. Send the crankshaft and cranks to a man that would help me to make new babbits