In the new garage .

Pictures showing the trip from Mjölby to Vaggeryd and moving into the new garage. I started in Mjölby and stoped in Jönköping then making the rest to Vaggeryd in all about 130 km.




Hi all Willys fan!I

Hi all Willys fan!
I have driven in the Willys in for winter sleep.
I have done some tours around in the nearest area.
The last drive was a wedding in October.
The reason why this website not have so much written on is because
I have begun on a new great project restoríng one very unusual car from 1923 it is a Columbia Six.
Read more about it in

All Willys lovers

I have been working with building a small garden house in the last couple of months. That is the reasons why I not have written in the dairy.
The work that I have done since December is armrest in the rear.
Fog-light was mounted in the front. The petrol-pump most of the parts was change to new ones. The carburetor is well cleaned.
The 6 June was I participating in the Skänninge Motor Festival and the celebrating of our National-day. There were much interest for The Willys .HRH Crown Princess Victoria was there to speak and looking at the old village and she also was passing by in front of the Willys.




I wish you all

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The Willys is jacked up and overhauled for the winter rest.
This season will be remembered as the year that I went the longest trip it was about 250 km. With an average of gas for 2,5 litre per 10 km.
For the next year I have order extra front lights and try to improve the petrol pump with new springs and even perhaps change the membrane also.


This summer

This summer I have driven the Willys for a longer trip.
It was to Jonkoping around 220 km total when I was home again.The average amount of gas was about 2,5 liter per 10 km.

The Willys got the body pinstriped.It was made by hand like the old times.Using a thin paintbrush of fine hair.

Look into the videoclips there you can see pinstriping!!




Hello all

Hello all Willys-lovers.
I have just taken the first spring tour.
During the winter have I mounted a new filter for the gas.The gas gauge have I mounted in place again after a new tube and some reparing .After that refilled with red liquid.I have also put the electric wiper back after some remaking of the mounting screw and nut.



Hi all Willys 8 fan

Hi all Willys 8 fans!
The monthly magazine ”Classic Motor” in Sweden had an article about my Willys8 –project
in there January issue. It is the biggest magazine in the Nordic countries.

Know they have released the article on there website

The text translated can you find in this pdf –file
Willys Eight 1931.pdf
You must go to “Pricelist” tag on the menu and click on the pdf.
The pdf is translated by a conversion program hope you can understand the most of it.
Then you might image that it is the same story that I have told in my dairy from 2000 to 2008.There is also one link to this site.
Some photos is “new” as you can see. Hope you can enjoy it anyway.

In the same number is the story about John Willys and his life.
The headline “Alltid framåt med Willys” freely translated
“Always forwards with Willys”

Fuel gauge

I am trying to fix the fuel gauge.The glas tube is broken. I am trying to find some glas tube to make one of my own.I have got some pictures from Kjell in Norway.Enjoy!

Jacked up for the winter


Hi, there all of you that visiting me.
I have jacked up the Willys for the winter sleep.
Before that I took some photos. It was already dark outside
– three a clock in the afternoon.
I let the roof lamp light when I took the photos.
Enjoy also one more video clip that I made before closing up for the winter.
I have some more photos under “Other Willys cars”.
It is John Scales Willys 8-80 Coupe 1930.
I wish all a Merry X-mas and a Happy New 2008.



The toolboxes

The toolboxes are now ready .After cutting and gluing the pieces together the next step was to carve in the Willys emblem in the mahogany. I have not made interior in the boxes yet.They match the intarsia emblem good.
The wheel covers is mounted and chromed. I have mounted the rear mirror on the covers.
I tried to make an emblem in the rubber mat on the floor in the drivers side the logotype is similar to that one I have carved on the boxes. That made me thinking of to make some to the footsteps rubber. I have only begun to translate the picture into CAD to get it cut by a machine.
The summer in Sweden has been much rain but not so many hours of sun.
The valves is adjusted to the recommended measures .The engine sounds well.





Since April

Since April I have driven the car and having trouble with speed and acceleration.
After that I adjusted both the breakers and for low and high speed. The sparkplugs were cleaned and adjusted. The carburetor was then adjusted so I got the right sound when accelerating and for the idling. After having done that the car seems to go like a watch.
When feeling that I have done the most of adjustments we (me and my wife) took a trip for about 150 km .All went ok except the amount of gas…..
The problem with the water is still there it is “boiling” when I am standing still and accelerate.
I have mounted a trip meter for bicycle on the left rear wheel for knowing how far I am going when driving around.
The spare wheel covers came from the chrome shop. I have mounted the together in the same strap with the rear mirrors.
The next thing that I have began with is to make two tool boxes in mahogny for the rear trunk there is still some work to be done there.





New knobs

Since last I have done new knobs for the H and S in harder plastic.
The letters on the knobs is also new. The knobs have been painted in the same way as before.
The carburetor is still in the shop.
The wheels covers is in the chrome shop for chroming they said that it would be ready in late April.
I have bought a NOS windshield vacuum wiper .I have mounted it in place. The copper line is in place but not attached to the body and the manifold yet. I shall also buy one more wiper blade with parallel stay and pivot.




This year began with

This year began with dismounting the carburetor. I have swapped one more so I have three now. I went to the shop that helped me before with testing and cleaning the carburetor .I took all three with me and I am expecting to get one good with full functioning accelerator pump out of the three.
The wheel covers in steel was made by a shop after my measures. Here can you see the results after I have fitted them in place. There is some chroming work to be done also.
I have mounted the thermometer with the sensor in a test bench to see within what range it is working and looked after possibilities to get it work even better. But I could not do anything about the instrument. It is not showing hot when the water is boiling so I have to remember where I have the boiling point on the instrument.I do not have the correct sensor




I have not done much.

I have not done much regarding to the WILLYS 8 .
I had advertisements in newspaper regarding the history of the car.
I got two very interesting answers from the son and a relative to the last owner of the car.
The information in brief was that the first owner used it most for cab driving.The Willys was thirsty it drank about 3liters per 10km.The interior was something extra with curtains in three windows in the rear.The rear view mirror inside had a clock mounted in the mirror.

I am planning of making steel band to spare tires. The A-Ford suppliers offers one in stainless steel.

To all of you in Norway,Germany,New Zeeland,Australia and in USA
I wish you all a
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!


Interior and carburetor

Even if the most of the big restoration work is done there is still much to improve.
I have mounted a roof lamp which is controlled from the dash.
The ignition coil had to bee changed because it was burned. A new one was bought.
The trunk in the rear is in place and there is still some clothing and a couple of boxes in the bottom that I shall make for tools and service.
The carburetor problem is still much thinking about.I have got a Carter BB1 with accelerator pump there is some of the internal service to be done some of it is stuck!
The water temperature gauge is not showing correct temperature so I have made an experiment with one IC circuit that helps to show the correct temperature. Next step is to dismount the temperature sensor and make a test bench for that and the gauge and see what that gives me.
I am thinking of making two spare tire covers in steel….
Beside all that I have driven the car around and …..just enjoying it.





The most of the time

The most of the time since July has been driving around with friends and weddings.
During these trips I have trouble with the fuel.
When investigating that I found out that the gas tank was much dirt in most rust I thought.
I empty the tank and dismounted, cleaned with heat water and high pressure after that I
Poured in acid and washed with water. After drying it was time to pour in a can of Hirsch Tank Sealer
A couple of times and let that dry for three days. Mounting it all in place with a small filter in the bottom also. I have also welded a bottom screw for empty the tank in the future.
Then I tried to start I was forced to pump the gas pump by hand when mounting it all in place again I succeed to crack one ear that holds the pump. After some days I managed to by a NOS part.
I also switch the cork in the glass bowl after that I discovered that was also leaking air.
Now is the car running again? When driving around it I got a scrambling which disappeared when depressing the clutch. I dismounted the gearbox and the clutch and discovered that the nuts had loosen it was only to draw them tight again and mount all back in place.
The good news is that Ray Pfiorini sold two of his hubcaps for Willys8 to me .Thank You Ray.
The other big news is that I have sold my Whippet 1928.




Mascot and small problems

What have I done since May?
I have mounted the mascot on the radiator shell after I have got some chrome on it.
The interior have got another touch when I mounted the knobs in the instrument panel. All the wires is not connected yet because I cut them to short!
The trunk is almost finished it is still some work inside with some clothing’s.
I have driven the car to some weddings and student occasion.
There is some problems with overheating the engine the water boils when standing still and the engine is running. I dismounted the thermostat and there is still some of the problem left.
I have also made(glued) and mounted the rubberfloor under the clutch and brake pedals.




Trunk and springs

The time since February I have spent working with the trunk .The plywood pieces has been glued together. All the wood has become a layer of varnish. The outside has fabric been fastned. The most of the aluminium trim are nailed in place .The small hatch has a little “wood fantasy” being made. Some work is still needed before it is finished.
The rear leafs is back from the shop that helped me hardened them. After that I was forced to make new clamps and bushings. The springs have I attached to the frame and rear axel.




Radiator mascot,interior and springs

I have made some work even if I not written since last year.The radiator mascot is grinded and polished so it would be ready for the chroming shop.
The interior in the rear is new material bought and fastened in place. The cushion is to bee more hard it is now to soft. The backrest would also be adjusted against the side panels.
The rear springs are dismounted and the blacksmith shop helped me to bend them into the right shape again. I have sent leafs to the shop that helps me with the hardened process of the leafs.
The rear trunk work has started. The trunk is glued together.



Small fixes

It is still some work to be done.
Such as painting the knobs for the dash.
The upholstery on the doors round the windows is some changes made so that the upholstery fits better to the channels. The pillar between the doors at both sides is new wood made for the upholstery.I have delivered the prototype for the radiator mascot to the foundry that makes it in brass or bronze. The ashtray is missing but the surroundings is mounted in the front backrest rear.
The gasoline gauge t is filled with red liquid I have not tested if functions ok yet. The gauges is not mounted in the dash, I am still waiting for the water temperature gauge from the shop.
For the rear trunk have I made some measures and planning how to cut and put it together.
I wish You all a Merry X-mas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Short trips

I have made many short trips in the neighborhood.
The work with the small things in progress.
I have made two copies of the knobs on the dash. The first step was to lay the original knob in a clay form. The clay dried for a couple of hours. Then I placed the new wire in the form and filled plastic padding in the form and waited. After a about twenty minutes the plastic had hardened . Then I took the clay away and the next step was to make letters and paint the knobs..





More work

Hi there!
The project is still going on. As you have seen the car is working all right.
The jobs that is going to be done is adjust the valves, make so the water temperature instrument works, adjust the brakes, remake the rear springs they are to soft, work with the speedometer it is not function correct.
One new thing that I am doing is to make a copy of the hood ornament. The other new job is to do rubber ornaments in the footstep rubber.