Handels and cylinder head

The most of the time this last month I sanded and polishing the indoor handles, riser handles and park light .In the riser handles I drilled a hole so they will fit inside the door .
The old door knobs where reconstructed with new pins and the end there where tapped to fit in the handle for a screw.
I have made new escutcheon for the outside handles.
The cylinder head is moved to a shop that could repair the small crack .He would fill the crack with powder and heat it up and let it cool slowly before he straighten it up in the mill.
The shock absorber that was so bad has got new pistons, springs, washers ,new lock bolt , new tapped filling hole with a bolt and a new big plug washer. The three others was only to refill with oil.
I whish all of you who is follow my job a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.