Hi all Willys 8 fan

Hi all Willys 8 fans!
The monthly magazine ”Classic Motor” in Sweden had an article about my Willys8 –project
in there January issue. It is the biggest magazine in the Nordic countries.

Know they have released the article on there website

The text translated can you find in this pdf –file
Willys Eight 1931.pdf
You must go to “Pricelist” tag on the menu and click on the pdf.
The pdf is translated by a conversion program hope you can understand the most of it.
Then you might image that it is the same story that I have told in my dairy from 2000 to 2008.There is also one link to this site.
Some photos is “new” as you can see. Hope you can enjoy it anyway.

In the same number is the story about John Willys and his life.
The headline “Alltid framåt med Willys” freely translated
“Always forwards with Willys”