Since April

Since April I have driven the car and having trouble with speed and acceleration.
After that I adjusted both the breakers and for low and high speed. The sparkplugs were cleaned and adjusted. The carburetor was then adjusted so I got the right sound when accelerating and for the idling. After having done that the car seems to go like a watch.
When feeling that I have done the most of adjustments we (me and my wife) took a trip for about 150 km .All went ok except the amount of gas…..
The problem with the water is still there it is “boiling” when I am standing still and accelerate.
I have mounted a trip meter for bicycle on the left rear wheel for knowing how far I am going when driving around.
The spare wheel covers came from the chrome shop. I have mounted the together in the same strap with the rear mirrors.
The next thing that I have began with is to make two tool boxes in mahogny for the rear trunk there is still some work to be done there.