I have placed all

I have placed all the wood in the doors and varnished it fitted the doors on the left side.Needed to reweld the roofside over the rear door.All the mechanisms is in place.See picture.See picture.
All the indoor handels is very bad. I need to make new ones but it is difficult to make the lines in the handels. I must figure out how to do this. Anyone that have handles to sell???? Mail me
All the door locks and stop and all the things that is on the door for correct function is repaired and painted.
I have also repaired the wood and mechanism under the right rear window.I could spare the handle!!!
See picture..See picture.
I have also located an generator and got some hints to fix the starter.
The rear spring with schackels is in progress I have got information from help of Greg and Paul and the WOKR. Perhaps I have located a pair thats on a six 97 or 98 chassie.Where I also hope to find the rear gear and pinion.
Got the phone from a person in Skövde he has four wire wheels in very good shape to the Willys.
Thinking on and planning the cushions both rear and front. I have some cushions and some wood fragment! But I have the mechanism to move the front seat and some holes so that I can see where it has been and one picture inside taken in an article in a swedish motorjournal from 1931!??
The instruments is what I am looking for!Help!