Rear axel

Just now I am working with the rear axel. I have mounted the crown-wheel in the house .I have also cleaned and fitted the housing cover just now I am fitting the pinion to the crown-wheel. It is taking a lot of hours when marking the gears with paint and adjusting it a little all the time with the pinion. All the bearings is new and mounted .
The rest of the axels is mounted later when the gear mounting is finished.
The rear leafs is still on the job list in the blacksmith shop. Some cleaning work has been done by the brake parts all the mounting parts is now nearly rust free on one side.
The gas tank is in progress what I have heard.
I have also done some adjustment on the left rear fender some plates is still remaining and to be weld in place.
I have got email from John Stokes , New Zeeland, regarding the interchange of the carburetors among all the other information. Thanks! That means that I have more possibilities to make an god choice of an carburetor.