This month roof work

This month I have proceed with the aluminium roof cover and sanded,polished them and they look like new again!See picture.
The door sill plates in all four door is made,fitted and primed.Also the upper plates are made after the old ones.See picture.
The roof is varnished and placed in but not mounted. See picture.
All the woodscrews in the bottom wood in the rear and some others that remains are mounted
I have met a contact in Boxholm how has an Willys model 97 1931. I am interested in to take some spare parts from it.There was none pinion in the rearaxel!
The startgear on the flywheel is in progress I have found a spare parts that is correct and NOS.See picture. I also ordered a timingchain.
I have taken some picture of the rebuilded starter!picture.