Fenders and fotstep

The last month I have been working with the fenders and the footsteps with trimmings. It is the aluminum trim that I have pressed new several times and at last got the right look.
When working with fitting I saw that the fenders connection to the footstep and the trim did not matched quite good Much time spent on remaking the plate and the pressed edge from the fenders to match with trimmings. The work that remains is to make holes in the footsteps for the trimmings that I shall fastened from the underside and make threads in the trimmings.
I have been to a shop for chroming and delivered the in- and out-side handles, parking lights, wings screws for the trunk rack and the bumpers center clamps. The glass the original ones is also being fitted here I would make new ones for the turning lights.
I have got an gasket kit for the carburetor. The carburetor have I dismantled and tried to clean with acetone. The gaskets for the manifold and intake has been delivered to me also.