The spring cushion and frontaxel

The spring cushion is going to be fitted in place and I have to talk the person who is going to help me I have also been repairing the rear axel for the Whippet 96 it was leaking oil into the brakes which I was forced to repair.
The front axel chapter is in some progress I have some doubt about the strength which one to choose but it seems just now that I will choose the axel from the Willys 97.The drum looks very good and I am forced to drill for the wheel bolts so that they will fit my wheels. Some e-mail has been sent to members in the WOKR that perhaps has some answers.
The plate that covers the gas tank has a new one been made. First to make a tool that make ribs and then an other tool that make the round hole. When they have been stamped I made the plate to fit the curve on the frame and last to fit proper in place
A new bushing for the main shaft in the gear box has Sören made to me. He also has fitted the new ring gear to the flywheel.