The project has gone in some what slow motion. I am waiting to get the paint on the car. Just now I do not know how is going to do the job.
The making of new handles inside- and riser handles, parking light and the small riser handles in the rear is going in a new phase. I have got them from the foundry and I am now sanding and polishing them for chroming.
The radiator shell and some other small things is ready and waiting for me to pick them up in the chrome shop .
I has finished the work with the dots or badges that holds the bumper in the middle. You can also see that I made new wing screws for the luggage holder they are ready for the chrome shop also.
The cylinder head has still a small crack between the water hole and the no.1 spark plug hole. That despite welding with special stick. I am thinking of what to do. I have some ideas that I have not tried yet. So still there is hope.