Wondering what has happened with my project????
In this summer the Willys 8 project has been going in slow motion because of working in our house with repairing ,building and setting wallpaper in the kitchen followed up with rebuilding the bathroom and shower. That has taken the most of my time this last months.
But …..
There has been some progress in the Willys project :
I have made the installation of the roof top .Beginning with jute pad in the bottom which was nailed in place .Next step was to lay the synthetic padding and finish with top fabric . I have also fasted the aluminum rail to see how it all will fit it will be taken of before the painting.
The steering wheel was repaired and painted the job that remains is to make a button .I have also started making the chrome rings for the instrument panel
The radiator shell and some other things has been delivered to a shop that would help with chroming.
I have found a Carter BB 1D carburetor that need some work but I think it would fit.