The last month I have spent my time making the rest of the work on the springs. When the springs arrived the eyes have been made and the leafs has been curved. Then began the work .Then I cut the ends of each leaf. After that I made clamps totally 10. They have been riveted to the leafs according to the measure I have got from the WOKR. Then the clamps was drilled and an 5/16″ bolt has been mounted at each clamp. To each eye where bushings in steel and bronze made. After that the springs where painted black. The work to be done is to lay a very thin layer of grease between the leafs and then mount it all to the rear axel. For that purpose I was forced to make four new U-bolts. I made a tool to bend with after making threads. The front springs has also new bronze bushings and the springs have also been painted black.